“The dogs aren’t bred to be sold, though a nomad may sometimes decide to sell one, invariably getting a good price. No nomad, however, wants the reputation of being a trader in dogs.”

– 1963, R. B. Ekvall


Births of Tibetan dogs in the Amdo Khyi collection are part of the research project by the Big Dogs of Tibet Society. Reproduction plans are implemented only when strictly required to preserve genetic lineage. This does not undermine our desire to prevent the uncontrolled proliferation of these animals to avoid downgrading the blood line in amateur or commercial scenarios, or any type of detrimental mix with the breeding lines of what is known as the Tibetan Mastiff in its various unilateral interpretations.

As a result, the transfer of animals that are only occasionally available is subject to specific contractual conditions. At no time are animals transferred to breeders or aspiring breeders, and reproduction from transferred animals must only occur within the BDTS, among specimens approved by the society and for the sole purpose of sharing opportunities to preserve genetic lineage.