"I’ve brought the grandest Bhotea dog from the snowy territories, a huge, savage creature but a faithful watchdog. He doesn’t bite me but he’s already bitten three of my servants, chiefly at night."

– 1849, J. D. Hooker


Amdo Khyi is a private collection of large guard dogs from a catchment area which embodies Tibetan culture. It includes mostly natives and their descendants imported from these territories. The collection officially started in 2008 after a lengthy period of interest and increasing fascination with these animals.

Our main interest is systematic investigation to define the presence, nature and purpose of Tibetan dogs, along with researching and documenting specimens in their native land. Preserving imported specimens through proliferation of lineage is the natural continuation of investigation.

A series of dogs from breeders in Northern China was introduced between 2008 and 2011, some of which were subsequently removed from genetic continuity plans.

The first dog imported from Tibet was in 2010, whereas others from native regions outside of the influence of non-Tibetan breeders and intermediaries have since been repeatedly introduced in a more systematic fashion.

Amdo Khyi was incorporated into the Big Dogs of Tibet Society in 2021, constituting its primary collection.